Most Often Asked Questions


  • What exactly is Natural Healthcare?  Natural healthcare is utilizing natural, earth-based principles to enhance your life. It uses pure water, organic and plant-based foods, natural supplements and vitamins, sunshine and all wholesome products.

  • ​​​Why use Herbs?  It is my belief that God made herbs (plants) on earth to maintain and restore our health.  At Glorious Health Ministries- we believe that herbs and natural supplements get to the cause of some health problems, not just the symptoms.  Herbs are whole and balanced and provide nutrition for our body to become whole.

  • Why should someone want a lifestyle modification?  When someone is sick and tired of being sick and tired, they often seek out an alternative to what they’re currently doing.  Natural modalities, natural supplements and alternative practitioners are often the answer.

  • What exactly do you do?  During a lifestyle modification plan, a client will be offered a structured plan which might include a natural, organic-based diet, vitamin supplements, herbs, and other methods to enhance their quality of life. The client has the option to determine their pace- whether they want to radically alter their eating habits, or work on a specific challenge they might be experiencing.  Natural Healthcare is a Journey- a lifelong journey.  You determine the pace.

  • How long will my modification take?  That depends on how committed a client is to following the plans, using the supplements, drinking the teas/water and how long the challenging condition(s) has been manifested in their body.    

  • It takes 5-7 times the normal amount of nutrition to build and repair than it does to maintain.

  • Can I quit taking my prescription medicine?  Herbs and vitamins are a slow, safe way to build and maintain health.  Don’t ever quit taking drugs you’re dependent on.  Many people gradually decreased drug dosage and frequency with herbs and vitamins, but always consult with your physician.

  • Where can I purchase the products I need?   Most, if not all, the products  recommended can be purchased at local natural healthfood stores or vitamin shops.  Shopping at “big box” retail stores is not recommended and the cheapest vitamins are not the best vitamins to restore your health.  Your health is worth spending the extra money to receive the best quality products.

  • What else does Glorious Health Ministries do?  We educate others through workshops, seminars, small groups, and individual consultation.  As a Naturopathic health coach/counselor, I work with churches, ministries, groups and anyone who wants to be restored to their God-given health.  We even have a Natural food Cook on staff to show you how to prepare healthy, soulful food!

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