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Welcome to 

Glorious Health 


Welcome to Glorious Health Ministries

We are focused on provided you with relevant health information to  aid you in your life.  As we age, it's important to utilize all the strategies available that can be modified to enhance your mind, body and your connection with God.

As my journey in life has changed, I no longer offer private consultations, but am available to serve as a resource to you and your family. In addition, I still conduct workshops and cooking demonstrations for you, your church or small group. Check out the wholesome, flavorful healthy recipes too!


Recently, I've become a widow and now provide emotional and spiritual support to the grief community.  Check out my blog for information, tips and resources.


Please take the time to review recipes, health tips and grief information to personally use or in your walk with someone.

You can always call or email me with questions you may have and I pray for Glorious Health to you and yours!


Dr. Ajai (AJ) Blue-Saunders

Glorious Health Ministries 


Natural healthcare utilizes vitamins, herbs and supplements to help the body naturally heal.

Fresh Veggies
Fruit Shakes
Yoga Pose
Weight Loss Essentials
Vegetable Picking


Blue Horizons Support Group- Grief thoughts

Be gentle with the one who walks with grief.

Stressed Woman
Living with Grief
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